The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child - Francisco Jiménez


Dr. Marisol Ruiz and her students at Humboldt State University created and designed these lessons for your use.

The Circuit - Jeopardy Game

The Circuit - Chapter 2

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Ethnic Studies Questions to Uncover (Neo)Colonialism


This 1-page pdf list of questions with examples can be utilized in any unit of study to uncover (neo)colonialism in people, places, actions, institutions, curriculum, historical or contemporary events, and more.  The questions can be posted in the classroom for easy reference throughout the school year.  For example, #9: "Who and what was/is promoted as important, a role model, a positive historical figure? (e.g. Who is written about in history books and magazines and how? Is it the White male ‘founding fathers’? Cesar Chavez? Dolores Huerta?)"

"Just a note to say I used 5 of your 16 questions (for Ethnic Studies) in my regular Modern World and US History classes this week (slide 9) to help break down a recent article, also attached. We are just wrapping up WWII in both classes and I felt this was a good time to visit this current event.  I wanted to tell you that your questions helped my students get to the heart of the transgender struggle, in a way I would have been at a loss to do by myself. So, thank you!!"
-Nicole DeMatteo, Social Science Teacher, Santa Maria High School 

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