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Thank you for participating in our 10th Annual Conference.

Participants said:

"Passion and Authenticity."

"Such a powerful conference today. The session was exceptionally facilitated. I really appreciate the speakers, the collective passion and the spiritual empowerment I received alongside the knowledge to be a stronger co-conspirator."

"Beautiful event. Thank you."

"The presenters were on point for this conference. Also, that it was free for anyone to attend."

"It was so amazing! Even on zoom, there was such a sense of connection and so much learning!!"

"I really enjoyed listening to the keynote speakers. I learned a lot from them especially about the education system and how it was never made for BIPOC."

"I just really enjoy listening to my K-12 colleagues and of their desires to decolonize the curriculum."

Please read our conference proceedings here.


9:00-9:05 Welcome, Land Acknowledgement: Dr. Lilia Chavez and Dr. Marisol Ruiz

9:05 - 9:10 Welcome from Host, President Dr. David M. Johnson 

9:10 - 9:20  Spoken Word 

9:20 - 10:20 Keynote Dr. Bettina Love 

10:20-11:10 Workshops (breakout rooms)


  • #What's Normal Anyway? Exploring Stories by Restorying: The Power of Narrative - Denia Bradshaw 
  • Teaching Social Issues Through Ethnic Studies: Centering Race and Social Activism - Miguel Zavala & Jose Paolo Magcalas
  • Teaching "One Crazy Summer by Rita Willams" to Fourth and Fifth Graders - Marisol Ruiz
  • The Fight for Quality and Accessible Mental Health Services in 9-12  PromotorX - Chelsea Rios Gomez, Jonni Segura, Milagros Ortega, Anayeli Auza, Angelica Alvarez, and  Martha Flores 
  • Ethnic Studies Collectives:  Sources of Truth-Telling, Regeneration, and Solidarity - Ricardo Medina, Ph.D.; Ratha Kelly, Brian Batugo
  • Ethnic Studies: An Anti-Colonial and Abolitionist Project - Dr.Theresa Montaño & Members of The Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Coalition
  • Seeds of Resistance: Ethnic Studies Pedagogy in Elementary Classroom - Dr. Cathery Yeh, Gloria Gallardo, and Nicky Meindl
  • Making Sense of Ethnic Studies Pedagogy in Emergency Virtual Environments - Kay Flewelling
  • DACA: actualización y círculo de diálogo PromotorX -  Anayeli Auza, Jonni Segura, and  Keila Moran 
  • Empowering Multicultural Students' Learning Through Cognitive Neuroscience and Gestalt Personal Development Principles - Mario Rivas Merritt College


11:10 - 12:00 Dr. Dulcinea Lara, New Mexico State University

12:00 - 12:50 Dialogue circles (breakout rooms)


  • Creating diverse and inclusive curriculum PromotorX - Elijah Moore, Veronica Perez, Syd Lyons, & Josie Licavoli
  • Alternative learning in K-12 to Higher Education: Understanding the Struggles, Triumphs, and Setbacks of conventional learning PromotorX - Georgina Rose Ruiz, Aiszellyn Alvarez, Elizabeth Owens, Gregorio Yarasca, Mia Page
  • Ethnic Studies K-2 - Dr. Ruchi Rangnath
  • Ethnic Studies 3-6 - Dr. Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
  • Ethnic Studies 7-12 - Dr. Bryan Bowens
  • Spiritual Empowerment - Dr. Lilia Chavez


12: 50 - 1:00 - Closing - Dr. Lilia Chavez  and Dr. Marisol Ruiz


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