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 Welcome to our clearinghouse of Ethnic Studies materials.  Please navigate from the drop down menu above to find ethnic studies lesson plans, syllabi, video, and other resources that will support teachers to integrate all aspects of ethnic studies into their classrooms.  Resources found here are meant for classroom use by individual K-12 teachers.  If you would like to inquire about other uses or about the work itself, please contact the author of the work directly.  California NAME has reviewed and included each resource based on the following criteria:

1. Does the resource challenge racism and oppressive conditions?

2. Does the resource allow teaching from a critical pedagogical perspective centering on student experience?

3. Does the resource center on and is it responsive to communities of the students?

4. Does the resource require and support ongoing teacher reflection about their identities?

*Authors of all resources retain copyright of their work.  Requests for duplication of resources should be sent directly to the author of the work.


New resource for all teachers!  Critical Multicultural and Ethnic Studies Hyperlinked Resources for Social Justice Educators

(Dr. Marisol Ruiz).

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