Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, Nick Henning, and Alison Dover at a poster session showcasing their important new social studies book, Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice.

From the Foreword, by Rick Ayers: "In the late 1960s Neil Postman described good teaching as a "subversive activity." From the beginning of schooling, educators have had to defy, undermine, evade, and bypass the mandates from above in order to serve their students and to be allies to their communities. Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice: Becoming a Renegade is a crucial tool to help teachers to do just that. What is at stake here is democratic education and democracy itself. That is the good fight of today."

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    Periodically educators tend to reduction social lesson arrange planning, expressing that they are much excessively controlled and firm, making it impossible to have the capacity to instruct beneficially. In any case, it’s conceivable to embed a little spontaneous in even the most requesting of timetables. Certain voting demographics and schools involve that educators must advance their review proposition to a board. This guarantees the assets, showing space exchanges, and different exercises are exact, current, and sensibly readies the understudy successfully.
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    Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice at AERA!
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    Preparing to Teach Social Studies for Social Justice at AERA!